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COLPAI Project – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding On-Site Activity

We have received a number of enquiries regarding the COLPAI Project and operations on-site. We have collated the key questions received to and produced an FAQ, which can be downloaded here

Dear Neighbour

We have received a number of enquiries regarding the COLPAI Project and operations on-site. We have

collated the key questions received to and produced the FAQ list below.

1. Are you able to consider issuing residents with noise reducing headphones/ear defenders to help them concentrate whilst the construction works are going on?

ISG has agreed to issue small ear defender inserts free of charge for local residents living next to the site. If you are interested in obtaining a pair of ear defender inserts, please contact We are currently working on the logistics of distributing the inserts and details will be circulated soon.

2. Can the CCTV system be screened online as a webcam to allow residents access to it at any time for reassurance?

Unfortunately, the system can only be accessed by logging on through the City Corporation’s account. This cannot be shared with residents for security reasons. In addition, the City Corporation does not have a licence to make the images from the camera open to the public and we must comply with GDPR legislation.

3. Can you introduce monthly COLPAI meetings using Teams/Zoom as an interim measure during the lockdown?

While we cannot hold face-to-face meetings, we have been considering the possibility of setting-up digital platforms to host virtual meetings. We are currently reviewing the feasibility of this option and the infrastructure to support it. We will keep the local community updated on this as well as possible dates and times for the virtual meetings to take place.

4. The crane appears in close proximity to the Tree Protection Area. What measures are being put in place to protect the tree zone?

ISG has recently moved the crane further away from the tree. The tree protection was taken down briefly on the morning of Monday 18 May to be realigned and was re-installed. This was undertaken as part of the regular site maintenance procedures. No plant is permitted to travel near the tree route zone. The City Corporation and AUK will be reviewing the matter to ensure all measures are in place.

5. The school building appears to be built further south than outlined in the original plans. Has the location of the building been checked?

The City Corporation is satisfied that the school building is in the right place. This has been checked and verified by ISG’s independent setting out specialist and its sub-contractors.

6. Can radios be used on the site opposed to workers shouting at each other?

Radios are already used extensively on-site. There will always be a need to communicate verbally, sometimes at a level that is above the noise of the plant and equipment. ISG is aware that verbal communications in cases has become excessive and caused disturbance to residents and they are monitoring this closely.

7. What are the noise suppression measures on-site for the plant?

ISG has looked into this matter and identified two operations that were specifically noisy. The first was the use of the static concrete pump and the second was the use of the compressed air lance.

With regard to the concrete pump, ISG has only used this once since work restarted on 14 April 2020 and they now apply acoustic blankets to cover the unit when used. The air lance is more difficult to suppress, ISG will minimise the use of the air lance when working adjacent to Hatfield House and Basterfield House and will only use it in the permitted ‘noisy working’ hours.

8. Why has the noise monitoring equipment been removed from adjacent to Hatfield House?

The noise monitor adjacent to Hatfield House was removed with the agreement of the Environmental Health Officers at both the City of London Corporation and London Borough of Islington. This was agreed as both the Environmental Health Officers were satisfied that monitoring data from the Hatfield House had consistently demonstrated that noise levels were satisfactory.

Following further discussions with the two Environmental Health Officers, it has been agreed that due to the concerns of residents, the noise monitor adjacent to Hatfield House will be reinstated by ISG. ISG’s external consultant will continue to review the data and present it to the Environmental Health Officers in a regular and timely manner. ISG will seek to agree an appropriate point in the future that monitoring can be reduced on the basis of the data provided and continued compliance and performance.

9. Have the noise, dust or vibration measures been breached since works started back on-site?

There is still noise, dust and vibration monitoring being taken from Basterfield House as well as vibration monitoring at Hatfield House. The levels have not been breached. Please see below a graph which shows the set trigger levels as well as the recording for April 2020.

10. The fire alarm on Tuesday 19 May caused significant disturbance, what was this for and can you give notice of this in the future?

On Tuesday 19 May, the site undertook a fire alarm activation. Moving forward, we will advise residents on our database of any upcoming fire drills on-site to ensure you are aware of the activity. The alarms have to be maintained until a check is undertaken to ensure that all operatives have left site and the site is safe. There may be cases when activations may not be in connection with fire drills, however, we will aim to give advance notice wherever possible. We apologise for the disturbance this caused to local residents.

Please continue to use the email for general enquiries.

For site emergencies, please contact Steve McCarthy (ISG) on 07825 719 496.

Best wishes

COLPAI Project Team

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