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Hello all

Today, my beloved Lulu passed away suddenly from a short illness.  She died at home on my bed.  I know many people knew her, as she was a right little character.  I am devastated.  

I want to say thank you so much to everyone for their kind wishes and support.  Particularly Anne, who took her to the Vet and made all the arrangements, and to Bev, Sue, Tim, and Rachel and the boys, who sat with me on the Hatfield House lawn, with Lulu, for the last time.  

She was my one comfort, especially since the loss of my Mum, and my partner, who has advanced Dementia.  She has crossed Rainbow Bridge, and is with Mum now X

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I want to thank everyone for their kind personal messages I have received over the loss of my beloved Lulu, and for the lovely gifts of flowers, cards, and a baked cake.  I so appreciate such kindness.  XXX

I am so sorry to hear the sad news Maria, Lulu will be missed and the joy she brought to a lot of people on the estate.


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