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Christine Clifford commented on Sue Pearson's blog post Golden Lane Estate tenants due a water charge refund
"Thank you all for this. It beggars belief that the CoL still has not repaid the full amount with interest as some other councils have ."
9 hours ago
Tim Godsmark posted a discussion

Money for Repairs

On the 13th January there was a full City Council meeting where Sue Pearson, your local Common Councillor, proposed a motion that the repairs programme for all the City Estates be accelerated by using some of the City’s financial reserves. The repairs programme is moving incredibly slowly even by the City’s standards with the last 5 year plan being inadequately funded while the Estates decay and tenants live in unacceptable conditions. The City has a fund called City Cash which has reserves of £2.6 billion. They have dedicated £50 million of this money to support small business during the pandemic but nothing to support residents. £37 million of this money has not been spent and Sue suggested that, as a start, it might be a good idea to redirect this to Estate repairs.At the Council meeting discussion of the motion was cut short by a point of order and the the motion to speed up repair of your Estates was lost by 75 votes to 19. A supportive councillor, Graeme Harrower, has written a…See More
BARBICAN POLICE TEAM posted a discussion

Barbican Cluster Panel Meeting - City of London Police

Any one who lives or works in Barbican Cluster is invited to attend the Barbican Cluster Panel MeetingThursday 20 January 2022 from 1800 to 1900 hours @Golden Lane Estate Community Centre, Fann Street, London, EC1Y 0SAYou can meet the Dedicated Ward Officer Team and other members of the communityReceive an update on local policing mattersHave a say on the cluster priorities for policingThe room will be well ventilated so please wear warm clothing.Seating will be well placed and face masks are required unless exempt.Numbers will be restricted due to COVID recommendations so please confirmyour attendance with us in advance.To confirm attendance please contact PC Christine Phillips,, 07736 952395.See More
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Latest newsletter from City of London Police.  December 2021

Latest newsletter from City of London Police.  See More



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Golden Lane Estate tenants due a water charge refund

Posted by Sue Pearson on January 4, 2022 at 12:11 1 Comment

Public call for the City of London Corporation to respect the law

We, the City councillors named below, call on the City Corporation to pay its social housing tenants a full refund of a profit that it (and a number of other local authorities) made on “water reselling” from 2001 to 2019 following a ruling by the courts that this profit was unlawful.

The City Corporation should have taken the lead in paying a full refund, because it:

- prides itself on upholding the rule of law,

- is the wealthiest local authority in the country, and

- has the smallest number of social housing tenants. 

But it hasn’t done that. While many other local authorities - including Kensington and Chelsea (, Southwark ( and Lambeth( - have been paying full refunds plus interest for some time, the City has yet to make any announcement about what it will (or, it seems, won’t) do. 

The issue of water charge refunds appeared in the agendas of the meetings of three City committees over the last nine months: the Housing Sub-Committee in May, the Community and Children’s Services Committee in September and the governing Policy and Resources Committee in November. Although each committee discussed the issue, no announcement has yet been made. The issue is expected to appear again in the agenda of the meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee on 20 January.…


From Glasgow to EC1 - next steps post COP26

Posted by Paul Lincoln on November 18, 2021 at 13:30 0 Comments

Come to a Community Cafe meeting on Saturday followed a few days later by an online meeting with City of London representatives with an update on:
- Housing Action Plan and building study
- Implementing Climate Action Plan locally

And get an update on plans for the Golden Lane Cycle Security Project which has recently been awarded funding.

Community cafe meeting

  • 20 November at 2pm at the Community Centre

Online meeting

  • 29 November at 7pm online - to attend the Zoom meeting, please email:

Imagine Golden Lane at Net Zero

Posted by Paul Lincoln on October 19, 2021 at 21:30 0 Comments

Imagine a Golden Lane Estate that was going to achieve Carbon Net Zero. Imagine a place that was green, resilient to climate change and committed to recycling, waste reduction and conservation of energy. Imagine a place with lots of trees, new planting, and a real commitment to encouraging biodiversity.

The City of London launched its Climate Action Plan last year. Over the past six months a number of open-air events have taken place bringing residents together to look at ideas for improving Golden Lane Estate. Discussions have looked at:

• Energy and waste

• Working together

• Communications

• Working with the City

• Ideas for greening the Estate

An interactive map has been created which lists all of the ideas discussed to date.

On Saturday 16th October a planning workshop took place to look at how to take the work of the past year forwards. The following ideas were developed and divided between Do it yourself [DIY] and Do it with others [DIWO]:

Biodiversity and Greening



Beehive teams are put together along routes including the Great Arthur House roof…



Posted by Sue Pearson on September 2, 2021 at 20:31 11 Comments


I've called on the City of London Corporation to use some of its £2.6 billion quasi-public “City's Cash" to fund an acceleration of the renovation of its social housing estates, which - due to decades of neglect - are in poor condition.

My call has been rejected by the leadership. The Corporation is happy to spend what is needed to put up new non-residential buildings within a short time frame, but refuses to spend what is needed to complete the renovation of its social housing estates within a similar time frame, or indeed any time frame: the works proceed at a glacial pace, often delayed and uncoordinated, and with no end date in sight.

I reproduce below the text of my email to the Corporation’s Chair of Policy explaining the situation, comment on her reply, and ask questions about a photograph taken last month.

EMAIL SENT BY ME TO THE CITY OF LONDON COURT OF COMMON COUNCIL ON 6 JULY 2021 (addressed to the Chair of Policy and copied to all members)

Dear Policy Chair,

During the last month, I have called on the Policy and Resources Committee to take urgent action on a matter that blights the Corporation’s reputation and many of its residents’ lives.

For decades, the Corporation has neglected the maintenance of its own social housing estates. When I gave the Chair of Policy a tour of Golden Lane Estate four years ago, I believe you were shocked to see its poor condition. When I gave Keith Bottomley, Vice Chair of Policy, a tour of the estate last month, he had a similar reaction. Any member can go to the estate to see for themselves peeling paint on the buildings and railings, patched and leaking roofs and rotten window frames. The buildings bear the insignia of the “Corporation of London”, a name which the City of London Corporation hasn’t used for the last 15 years. The shame of the neglect is compounded by…



Image credit: David Rudlin / The Academy of Urbanism

Golden Lane Estate was a very worthy finalist for Academy of Urbanism's Great Neighbourhood Award 2018. We didn't win but came away with a certificate featuring the amazing image above and a beautiful poem by Ian McMillan:

Golden Lane Estate

All you need, anywhere, are streets paved with gold:
The gold of community, the gold of mutual benefit,
The gold of allotments in the early evening sun
That reflects on the windows of places built for living...

Read the rest here or watch the video


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