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Save Bernard Morgan House

City of London

Airlines make a checklist for pilots to follow before take-off. Here is our checklist for the RCS scheme. What do you think - Is it airworthy? 

The consultation period is complete and the planning application for the CoLPAI school and tower is being written up by the planning departments at Islington and the City just now. We think the design is a mistake and there is a better way. So do SAVE, the C20th Society, The Islington Design Review Panel, John Allen (who wrote the listed building guidelines for Golden Lane) 1400 signatories to the petition online and on paper and 135 local residents who wrote in to register their detailed objections.

If you have not written in, it is still possible to do so up to the date of the planning Committee, which will probably be in January. Here are 18 reasons this scheme is unsupportable, even after six months of tweaking it: 

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