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COLPAI are proposing to place a cctv camera on the side of the school next to the ramp to the east entrance to Hatfield House. You can see the position as there is some conduit looping out from where the ground floor corner is cut away. This camera appears to be positioned so that it will record everyone entering or leaving Hatfield House or accessing the stairs to the way under the block. Depending on the field of vision it may also be able to record numberplates on vehicles using the ramp. 

I have looked into the legality of this and it is legal but they will have to put a sign up saying that there is a camera and people filmed have the right to see the footage of themselves, have it erased and ask not to be filmed in future.

I have been in correspondence with the COLPAI Team about this and have been told that they do not propose consulting on the positioning and they will not tell me who will have access to the recordings or how long they will be kept.

I would like to see how people feel about this. If you would like to email the COLPAI Team about it their email is info@colpai-project.co.uk


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