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To leaseholders of GAH:

I'm in correspondence with the City to find out the position re. the windows work and any offer they might make us in due course. I have tried to get in touch with the represented group who are currently in negotiation re. an offer but without success. I would welcome contact from any of this group - with recognition and thanks for their lead in this. Also happy to be a contact for the larger group of other leaseholders to pass on information and coordinate any action required, such as an intervention if the City take this back to court to ratify any agreement.

Please get in touch - you can drop note through my door if easiest.

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Hello Susan,

Robert Cooper and Kate Triggs here from 22 Bayer House.

Thank you for your posting.  We are quite out of touch with developments on the windows/roofs etc.  I think we read all the stuff posted by The City Council back in March, and we have been wondering if anyone from the estate was talking to the City. From your posting, we guess that there is and that you are trying to contact them? 

So we'd be very interested in any info you have.  You mention negotiations - would that be about which option to go for (we note the City seems to have gone for "option 4"), how the City plans to apportion the costs to leaseholders, and whether the outcome of the Great Arthur House legal proceedings might have a bearing on that?

My email address is and we'd be very grateful for any light you can shed.

All best,

Robert and Kate

Wouldn't GLERA be you best bet re information

Yes, I'm in touch with them already of course but they do not have the information either!

I will share it with them if I get it.


Thank you Susan. Robert.


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