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The Orchard Project is bringing orchards into the heart of urban communities. ....

The Orchard Project (Cause) Ltd.
Fourth Floor The Archives
Unit 10 High Cross Centre
1 Fountayne Road
N15 4BE

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Maybe we could create an orchard in boxes like our allotment 

My thinking too.....but we probably need the backing of the Residents' Association and the Corporation.  Who is on the committees that can pass a motion.  I can then chase The Orchard Project (Cause) Ltd. to find out what practical support they might offer.

However our landscapes are Listed and no-one seems to know where exoisting underground services are waiting to be crushed or concrete structure about to collapse (if overloaded).

Talk to Sue Pearson our councillor

The Orchard Project (Cause) Ltd have come back to me with:

"Hi again Iain, if you'd like support with planting an orchard in this area, we may be able to help! We have planted on council estates before with an engaged group of residents then caring for the trees. If it's in London, could you email your needs / idea to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@theorchardproject.org.uk"

..and I have chased them up but no reply as yet.

Lack of water is a major issue.we needs taps in more locations. Needs funds and lobbying the City 

Well done Iain/Christine
Orchards would be particularly welcome in the (unfortunately listed) Soviet-style concrete plaza next to The Shakespeare pub. Who wouldn't prefer looking down on a little green space to all that miserable grey concrete?!

I have repeatedly suggested that we find a way of funding a jet wash cleaner to gradually clean all the paving and concrete.  City Bridge Trust environmental grants?  Applications MUST be from an 'organisation' so one for our GLERA?

..and the Worshipful Company of Constructors hope... 

"to help the city with some more green spaces/trees. 
-Find trees
-Find a suitable location/locations to plant
-Where trees will be delivered? Can not be an open/public space
-Set a date
Of course a risc assesment for everything
[one tree planted per person]


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