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If the Denizen is built Bowater House is going to lose up to 62% of its winter sunlight. Taylor Wimpey blames this loss of light and sunlight on the "unusual" design of our balconies. This area is full of buildings with overhanging or recessed balconies – which are part of their Grade II listed designs. Taylor Wimpey alleges, and the City agreed, that such designs make them “bad neighbours” (because the balconies cause some shade to the rooms below). The Denizen will reduce the natural light within homes to below minimum standards.

TW argue that the ”major cause” of that is their design and not the height, mass and proximity of Taylor Wimpey’s development. They are blaming the loss of light Bowater House will suffer on Chamberlin, Powell and Bon's designs of these world famous listed maisonettes. 

Below you can see how the Denizen looms over the Jewin Church and overshadows Bowater House and the park and school. However did this building get planning permission? Note the recessed and overhanging balconies in the design of the Denizen in the north and west facing extremely dark luxury apartments. So are TW and the City saying this design is better than the designs of Chamberlin, Powell and Bon?

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