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United Kingdom

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  • Laurence Jones

    HI Paul

    Any chance that you can give me a call. I am unable to post things under estate announcements.


  • Vivienne

    Thank you for your welcome. I wanted to let GLE know that I have been working on issues raised with me. I met with the Director immediately after our Ward meeting and the work on Stanley Cohen House has been brought forward and will commence July/August. This is a great improvement and I am pushing for the work on Crescent House being brought forward. I must also thank Gary Moore for the work he did in respect of SCH. Always willing to work for residents, Vivienne Littlechild JP
  • Andrew Brian Hickman

    2nd one is very relevant to right to light decisions

    2014-10-22 Phase 3 Letter (1).pdf

    2014-07-09 Phase III.pdf