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COLPAI Project Frequently Asked Questions Regarding On-Site Activity -29 April

Dear Neighbour
Over the past week, we have received a number of enquiries regarding the COLPAI Project and how the construction site will operate moving forward.

We have collated the key questions received to and produced the FAQ list below.

1. Has there been time to put in place additional hand washing stations and social distancing measures set out in the guidance?

Work has recommenced following a full review of procedures to be implemented under social distancing law. A small enabling works team have commenced works to install new welfare facilities to ensure we can accommodate more operatives safely. The current welfare arrangements have been reconfigured in accordance with social distancing requirements. Additional cleaning stations have also been set up and additional cleaning staff have been employed.

2. How will social distancing be maintained on-site?

There is specific guidance for social distancing on-site. Social distancing marshals will be employed to police matters. Limited and short duration work can proceed within the 2-metre zone once considered and approved via permit with relevant control measures in place. Workers who live together are also permitted to work within the 2-metre zone.

3. The guidance says that working closer than 2-metres to another person should be restricted to 15 minutes. Will ISG enforce this?

Work within the 2-metre zone will be managed by issue of a permit and controlled by supervisors and marshals.

4. Have measures been put in place to identify workers who may be regarded as vulnerable or who live in a household with someone who is vulnerable?

All workers and subcontractors have been advised that they should only attend site if they do not live with a vulnerable person.

5. How will workers travel to the site? As people are at home, there is limited on-site car parking in the local area. Where will workers park their cars and what is the plan to control the additional vehicle emissions? Will workers be car sharing?

Workers will be either driving to site or using public transport but avoiding peak times. A small car parking area has been set up on-site and there are ample car parking facilities in and around the Barbican area. Cars are and will not be shared, unless they are by workers who live together. Workers who live together will be also be allowed by the law to work within the 2-metres social distancing zone. We will continue to review travel arrangements in line with Government advice and do not consider that the current arrangements have any significant impact on emissions.
6. How do workers sign into the site?

Workers sign in via a biometric fingerprint scanner. There are cleaning stations available either side of the scanner.

7. Will the on-site canteen be in operation?

There will be more than one site canteen, but food is not prepared or cooked on the premises. There are microwave ovens for workers to heat food. These spaces have been reconfigured to accommodate a set number of operatives and social distancing marshals are employed to ensure numbers are not exceeded. The cleaning regime and cleaning staff have also been increased.

8. How is ISG controlling the number of people using the toilets?

Social distancing marshals will also manage use of toilet facilities. Toilet facilities are also being increased. Where current facilities do not comply with social distancing guidance toilets/urinals have been closed off.

9. What are the working hours for the site? On occasions, there has been noise disturbance before 8am. 

In-line with our Construction Management Plan, no works are to be undertaken before 8am. Works will take place Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and on Saturday from 9am-2pm. A small area on the site has been allocated in the residential footprint for cars to park, ensuring that operatives can avoid using public transport. Cars may arrive to the site before 8am as workers come to work but no noisy works or activity will be undertaken. We have reminded all operatives on-site to act responsibly and show heightened awareness regarding how they behave in the areas surrounding the site.
There may be instances when activities are given special permission from Islington and City of London to take place outside of the core hours. For example, to deliver loads to the site that have specific travel restrictions. We will endeavour to give the local community advance notice of any such activities and try to minimise this wherever possible.

10. Residents are home during the day and works that are taking place are noisy, have the noise levels been exceeded? 

Noise monitoring is in place on-site and there has been no breach of conditions. As the local area is generally quieter with less traffic and general activity; the noise of site activity may in some cases appear greater. We are continuing to monitor noise and all our works continue to proceed within guidelines set by the City of London.
11. How can I keep updated on the site operations and works?

To register for updates, please email or complete the form on our project website
Please be assured that we are taking all the measures to ensure our contractors continue to work within the Government guidance. We will robustly challenge contractors on any evidence of failing to enforce social distancing and will be closely monitoring the site to ensure it remains compliant.
Please continue to use the email for general enquiries and to report any concerns regarding compliance with the guidance and construction on-site.
For site emergencies, please contact Steve McCarthy (ISG) on 07825 719 496.
Best wishes
COLPAI Project Team

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