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As part of London Open House 2019 come to a guided tour on 21 and 22 September. The Great Arthur House Roof Garden will be open to residents only on Saturday and to Open House visitors and residents on the Sunday. Booking opens on 1 September.


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Residents strike back on 'standards'

Continuing the fight to ensure that resident councillors can speak and vote on matters that affect their constituents, Cllr Sue Pearson wrote to the Standards Committee about her latest experience of trying to get a dispensation to speak and vote at a meeting of the Community and Children’s Services Committee on the 12 July. You can read an extract: More dealings with the Standards Committee


Cllr Graeme Harrower (member for the business ward of Bassishaw) wrote a satirical email to all members of the Court of Common Council on 17 July about a secret meeting held by the then members of the Standards Committee in April. He then followed with an email on July 25 outlining the unanswered points about the current standards regime. You can read both here 'Secret Standards' and 'Unanswered Points'

Unfortunately the attacks on Cllr Sue Pearson have continued as the pressure increase on the Standards Committee: Alderman insinuates I'm a criminal

The chairs of the Barbican Association and GLERA have written again to the Standards Committee urging it to listen to the residents and explaining why its policy continues to disenfranchise them. Read their letter: Residents' dismay at response to petition on the standards regime 

The Standards Committee has now, following a request from some of the newer members, scheduled an additional meeting for September 6 at 11.30 in the Committee Rooms in the Guildhall. All residents can attend this meeting to hear what the committee members have to say.

More background on the Petition and subsequent issues can be found here.


Image credit: David Rudlin / The Academy of Urbanism

Golden Lane Estate was a very worthy finalist for Academy of Urbanism's Great Neighbourhood Award 2018. We didn't win but came away with a certificate featuring the amazing image above and a beautiful poem by Ian McMillan:

Golden Lane Estate

All you need, anywhere, are streets paved with gold:
The gold of community, the gold of mutual benefit,
The gold of allotments in the early evening sun
That reflects on the windows of places built for living...

Read the rest here or watch the video


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Blog Posts

Alderman insinuates that I’m a criminal.

Posted by Sue Pearson on August 23, 2019 at 18:00 0 Comments

At the meeting of the Court of Common Council in July, Alderman Ian Luder put a “question” to the Chair of the Standards Committee that attempted to cast a slur on my character by insinuating that I was engaging in some kind of criminal activity.

His “question” was as follows:

“Could the Chairman of the Standards Committee confirm the rumours that a Member has made a claim for rights of light arising from the construction of COLPAI. If so, has the claim been settled, and…


Cllr Graeme Harrower supporting residents' right to proper representation

Posted by Sue Pearson on August 16, 2019 at 9:30 0 Comments

Cllr Graeme Harrower (member for the business ward of Bassishaw) has long been concerned about the anti-resident bias of the Standards Committee. He supported me through the Standards Hearing that I had to endure last year (2018) and is a persistent advocate for residents' rights and Standards Committee reform. Below his latest emails to the Court of Common Council on the matter.



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