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This year, I decided, would be the year I first had a stab at growing my own potatoes.


With great enthusiasm, and equally great ignorance, I bought some plastic potato bags and some potatoes. 


More specifically, I bought a large bag of Maris seed potatoes (start growing from now), and a bag of Pink Fir apple seed potatoes (grow april-May). It turns out that you only need about three potatoes to grow all the potatoes that my balcony can handle. So I have about 40 excess seed potatoes.


Obviously I could eat them, but they are specifically seed potatoes, made to be free of pests and things, and it seems a pity not to use them for their intended purpose. So - does anyone want a handful to have a stab at growing their own potatoes too? If there is interest, I will either stuff them through your letterbox, or leave them at the Estate Office if they don't mind having them.



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