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Hi There, 
I'm trying find out which internet supplier is the fastest in this area. I have talked to a few suppliers but it made me even more confused about it. If anyone can let me know which supplier they use to get a fast internet connection and if you know the speed, I'd really appreciate it. 

Many thanks

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I think you'll find that most major providers will give you pretty quick speeds given that we're so central.
Have used Orange for the last few years and no major problems.
They also give you free international phone calls too (to certain countries).

Hope that helps!

Hi Victor,
Thanks for your reply, I'll definitely check Orange. Funnily enough as central as we're unfortunately we're out off the fibre optic area so the internet speed is quite low. I was hoping to get something which is above 10MB. Most providers says you get up to 20MB broadband but not in this area I think even 8MB around here is quite reasonable. Do you by any chance know your speed at all.
Hi Jale,
I get about 10MB on a good day, never more than that.
Yeah, it's a shame about the fibre optic regionality.
Not really fair, but then again how quickly does your email have to come?
I'd say to try Orange or Virgin. They aren't too bad.
But essentially, you'd want to tailor it to what kind of extras you want.


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