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Student Mugged - Sunday 19 August - Mobile iPhone X SNATCHED by City Hardware Adjacent to Crescent House Entrance

An overseas ethnic Chinese student was chatting and walking towards Barbican Tube Station, as she passed the shops on Goswell Road by Crescent House, as she approached Crescent House entrance adjacent to City Hardware, a male snatched her Apple iPhone X from behind her, he then ran along the rear side of the shops adjacent to the tennis courts, he is about 5'7", 17-18years, was wearing a blue hooded top, he then exited onto Baltic Street West, managing to escape. Student victim was not harmed, but quite shaken and distraught.

Police arrived 30 minutes after incident, they said that this is now a common occurrence along Goswell Road, Beech Street, area around Barbican Tube, and Waitrose area.

If you saw anything please report to the police.

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Sadly the way things are in London and the country at the moment people really need to be aware of their surroundings. I see so many people walking along on their phones or texting as they stumble across roads oblivious to everything around them. It's horrible but people need to not give these lowlife the chance to grab them. 

Parkguard sometimes parks their van in the basement.

Police Officer and Parkguard Officer were both on the Estate for 2 hours today and patrol the estate most days.
Tracy Batten said:

Thankfully the young lady was not harmed.  But as it is a regular occurrence, surely the police could show presence on the Estate.  It may deter potential criminals.  Do we still have Parkguard patrol the Estate.  And is there an available number to contact them on.  I did look on our notice board in my block, but I cannot see a contact number.  

witnessed a moped phone snatch on Chiswell street 2 months ago.

Going back to people being aware. This morning I walked across the small bridge that links the Barbican to the Barbican tube station and as I was walking down the steps there was a young oriental girl with her back to me sitting on the steps with her headphones on holding a very expensive phone in front of her. She didn't hear me behind her and didn't even look up as I passed her. That is what I am talking about when I say people need to be aware. I am in no way saying they are responsible for having their phones stolen, that lies with the people who take the phone but these days you just have to have your eyes open and be careful. She wouldn't sit there with £800 pounds just laying there on the steps next to her. It maybe that the phones are mostly insured and if they lose or get them stolen they just get another one. 

Even though I have lived here for a few years I have never heard of Parkguard, are they funded by the City of London Police, via the City of London Corporation?

We certainly need a contact number to dial in an emergency, perhaps the Estates Office can provide details on here or in their next bulletin. I do not wish to scare tourists or the public, but maybe large visible posters need to be placed at key locations, bus stops, Barbican Tube Station...

Tracy Batten said:

My question was aimed at the response from the Barbican Police team Christo.  Surely as they work alongside Parkguard, they could offer us residents a contact number?

I have looked on the notice boards in my block!  Is the number displayed on the Estate Office door, as an emergency number? 


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