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Meet your Neighbour - Billy Mann

Billy Mann, Golden Lane Estate resident, writer of regular column the 'Golden Lane Gazette' for City Matters, Secretary of the Golden Baggers allotment group, Community Builder and collector of tasty gossip has joined the GLE Comms Team to bring you a regular slot about the people who live and work on Golden Lane Estate, with his good self as first subject. Read on -

Hello Billy Mann...

How long have you lived on the Golden Lane Estate?

22 years.

What brought you here?

The 55 bus.

Where were you before?


What is your favourite TV programme?

The Big Bang Theory.

Are you a good liar?

No. I can bluff, but I can’t tell real porkies very convincingly.

Can you keep a secret?

Yes, easily. You could stick hot needles in my eyes and I wouldn't spill the beans.

What can you see out of your window?

Bayer House, the Welsh church and the Barbican towers. I can tell how windy it is by looking at the tree swaying (pictured left).

What do you like about living on the estate?

It is like a soap opera. All the characters are here: the bonkers people, the flirt, the busybody, the delinquent teenager, the bossy officials. And there is loads of gossip. I heard that someone in Basterfield House once slept with David Bowie.

What changes have you seen or expect to see?

The helicopters overhead have been replaced by drones.

What is you favourite film?

Local Hero. It's an old Scottish film in which the residents of a fishing village take on the US oil industry, and win. Peter Capaldi, who used to be Doctor Who, is in it as a hapless oil exec.

Do you support any teams?

Liverpool Football Club.

What is your favourite building on the estate?

That hidden Porter's Lodge at the bottom of Great Arthur House (hush hush).

Any other bits of the estate you like a lot?

The Golden Baggers allotment yard.

Best song ever?

'Boys of Summer', by Don Henley.

Favourite smell?

Golden Baggers compost.

Where to eat?


Where to drink?

People's Choice.

Best City attraction?

Postman's Park.

How important is it to know your neighbours?

Very, in my case. I had a stroke five years ago and without my neighbours watching out for me things would have been very tough and a real struggle. But I made new friends instead.

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