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Just a quick note to say that earlier today I submitted to the Court of Aldermen my letter surrendering my Office as Alderman for the Ward. I remain in post until the election of my successor. The date mooted for the election Wardmote will be 7 September with a ballot (if the election is contested) on 8 September - I suggested mid September in order to be a little further from the holiday period, but that seems to be difficult for Guildhall.

So, this is in part advance notice of a vacancy and also to thank those still around who voted for me in 2008 and all those more recently who uncomplainingly accepted my unlooked for extension in Office due to the the covid pandemic. I wish my successor, whoever they may be, the very best of luck.

I reserve the right (as we all should) to take our elected representatives and the City Corporation to task when it seems right to do so.

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