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I have been clearing out the GLERA store as they are starting work on the new flats in Great Arthur House next week. While I was clearing the store I spoke to the foreman of the builders who are doing the work. He showed me the Camera Club rooms which still have quite a lot of equipment including lights, a couple of enlargers and an enlarger stand. Also in the room that was used as the Community Association room (the Community Centre bar committee) has some furniture including a desk, two dining tables and chairs and some filing storage.

I was wondering if anyone knows who owns these things as otherwise the Estate Office will dispose of them.


Tim Godsmark

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I'd be interested in the lights. Save them from being thrown out.

Hi Linda,

They are now in the GLERA store. Please let me know when you would like to look at them.

Hi Tim. I just sent you a friend request so I can DM you.

One of the "Bills" on the estate ran, or was involved with overseeing the Camera Club... it wasn't Bill Clifford, but BC may be able to point you in the direction for the correct Bill, Tim - (Bill Gilliam?)

Also, is there any possibility to keep the equipment and resurrect the darkroom in the new Community Centre? There's a number of photography enthusiasts on the estate, it could be a fantastic community resource. Not everyone finds "digital" that fulfilling!

I have been in touch with Bill Gilliam. Ihave saved the enlargers and slide projectors and some stands. I am not sure about the community centre as I don’t think that there is a blacked out room with suitable plumbing.

if someone want to experiment in their bathroom they are welcome to borrow an enlarger.

They belong to the community Buffy knows more as she used to use it .. 

two local photographer graduates can they contact you .. 

please don’t let the estate throw it away .. there are students who can use this stuff who line in the estate . 
thanks fir flagging it up Tim .. 


Hi Jax, everything worth saving is in the GLERA store.


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