As part of Carers Week, a drop in event has been organised for Friday 13 June 2014 at the Artizan Library, Artizan Street. E1 7AF

Further information can be found on the attached poster.

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I don't know if its my computer but have received this attachment upside down!  

Also, may I ask Laurence if you ever attend any of these events yourself?

Nope, it`s not your pc Maria.  Mine opened upside down as well!

In that case that should have been noticed and put up properly.  Otherwise, it shows lack of concern for a worthy cause.  As a full time carer myself, and as anyone else who is, would know what a hard job it is caring for a loved one who is unwell.  And, I would also like to receive an answer to my question, if possible.  It is very important that Estate Management have knowledge and understanding for carers, and anyone else who need support and help on our Estate.  

Unfortunately, from personal experience, that has not happened.  

I entirely agree Christine.  All we had were offers of literature too, plus an invite to a drop in event.  However, when I said it was proper support I needed because of the problems and stress the immense pressure  of personal issues was causing us, it was 'sorry to hear that', and goodbye.  I am a full time carer, yet I'm on virtually maximum medication for a psychological illness.  Yes, its not good enough.  

Is there anyone out there, including Estate Office management, who have compassion and understanding towards vulnerable people, and help them instead of making life more difficult than it already is?

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