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Forget me not Memory Cafe at Golden Lane Community Centre

June 6, 2023 from 2pm to 4pm
Come and join a weekly City Memory Group.Music entertainment, activities and exercise followed by refreshments.A great place to make friends and socialise.It's all free!We have 10 places available for anyone who lives or works or used to work (now retired) in the City of London.Just come any Tuesday from 2pm and ask for Madhumita or e-mail forgetmenotproject17@gmail.comSee More
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Barbican and Golden Lane Neighbourhood Forum - drop in at Community Centre

June 8, 2023 from 5pm to 6:30pm
The Barbican and Golden Lane community has applied to become a designated neighbourhood forum so that it can prepare a neighbourhood plan and participate in local planning matters on a statutory basis. Under the government’s Localism legislation, communities can draw up their own plans that become part of the statutory framework for land use. This will be the City of London’s first neighbourhood forum and neighbourhood plan.The application is supported by local residents, councillors, businesses and community groups such as GLERA and the BA. As the process develops we hope support and membership will grow.Tim Godsmark, Chair of GLERA says “As Chair of GLERA I fully support the Barbican and Golden Lane Neighbourhood Forum which takes resident involvement in planning policy a step forward following on from the resident proposed conservation area.”Alderwoman Sue Pearson: “I’m a great supporter of…See More
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Now that we have a date for a General Election, June 8th

It seems a good idea to see what folk want regarding manifesto promises, putting aside the matter of whether they are worth the paper they are printed on.

There is so much to list. So I will just make a start and maybe others can add.

Housing: more Council Housing and more genuinely first time buyer housing, actions to protect both good private landlords and good tenants

Health and social care. With my own daughter dependent on this it's an absolute priority. Those I know working in the health service tell me how bad the cuts are affecting safety in NHS England.

Brexit. I am almost scared to go there.

Infrastructure and investment in sustainable work, in energy, in transport

Stagnant wages, small businesses and the self employed, the gig economy

What would make your ideal manifesto ?

Maybe keep this discussion to policies rather than parties and personalities?

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For a start write off the PFI contracts that are crucifying the NHS and other social bodies.

Cancel Trident (not our finger on the trigger anyway).

Nationalise the railways and utilities but this time give employees a stake in the industries so they won't be on strike all the time. Think they call it the John Lewis Model.

Agree about social housing but with the caveat that unless the homes are kept in good nick they're out.

Out with HS2 as well and look again at the finance and building arrangements for any new nuclear power stations.

Why scared to talk about Brexit?  Is it the uncertainty of how good a deal we will get out of it when we finally leave the EU? 

Hi.  I voted to leave, but I think we all want the best deal for our country.  Fingers crossed!!

Christo said:

Haha I suppose because I have seen online elsewhere how divisive it can be. But you are right Brexit is a hugely important matter.

I am scared of a hard Brxit and voted to remain. So am looking for the best deal for all of us

The cuts in public service will of course lead to people complaining (and suing where possible - poor old NHS) which of course will lead to the private sector coming along and saying we can do things better. Which it can't without massive subsidies and huge expense to the public.

Hi.  May I ask what appears to be a dumb question Christo?  You said on the link I put up by the Daily Mail, that you don't read any mainstream media, but then how do you put up these media articles without reading them first? 

Christo said:

Thanks for that.  Was just curious.  I don't tend to buy papers myself, but like to read news stories online.  I never buy the Sun, but read the Daily Mail online.  I have not heard of the ones you mentioned, but will look them up.  Am not keen on the Guardian as its very left wing.  I suppose it all comes down to personal taste.

Christo said:

Maria, I share articles posted online by others. I read those articles. I don't read the paper.i also only share things representing groups like people in the NHS, Education, Pensioners etc.
I also follow new online news and current affairs that are not owned by the groups of immensely wealthy individuals running our governments. The Murdochs etc.
There are some really good independent online sources theses days. The Conversation, Reuters of course, Novaro, and others.
I don't like the Sun, The Daily Mail in particular because they both seem to sell hate. Benefit scrounger stories etc ignoring facts like claimants with disability and chronic illness are 0.7% and most claimants of benefits are pensioners or people in work but paid very little.

That's interesting.  I must have a look at some of their articles.

Christo said:

I think these days the Guardian is much more LibDem.

I am not a fan of Mark Field, to be honest, but he does reply to letters, well he has done to mine. although we have disagreed on issues.  Concerning this General Election, I am trying to look at the whole picture, and not one MP.  I would be very surprised if a Labour candidate won power from the Tories in the City of London and Westminster.  I realise that Labour did very well in the Councillor elections, which was a great achievement, but looking at the General Election, the issue is much wider than local ones.  This country is facing a choice of what basically boils down to 2 Parties, either Labour or Conservative, to be the next government.  This country has never voted in a Marxist as PM before, and I doubt they will, but one can never be 100% sure when it comes to politics.

He has always refused to deny he is a Marxist, and I know many Labour supporters refuse to accept he is one.  I have read a lot about him, and his policies, and heard him.  Personally, I think the Labour Party have lost a lot of credibility with him as leader, and a lot of votes.  Obviously, it depends on one's personal political views, but both him and John McDonnell have been supportive towards a certain terrorist organisation, and for me I find that not acceptable.  As I said, I can only speak for myself.

These sort of articles crop up.

Christo said:

Who is a Marxist? I know the usual suspects have alleged that of Jeremy Corbyn but in my view and experience of hearing the man, he seems a straight forward social democrat.
Others see him as that too.


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