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On Thursday September 11th the Roof Garden on top of Great Arthur House will be opened to a number of residents on Golden Lane Estate.

There are 30 places in total –first come first serve. To book a place, please email or leave your details with the estate office. Note: Only residents with a reserved place will be allowed on the roof.

There will be 3 half hour time slots 6pm, 6.30pm and 7pm.

The Roof Gardening Open Evening can only happen if there are volunteer safety marshals – we need 6 in total. If you would be free for an hour and a half on the 11th of September between 6pm and 7.30pm to help out please also get in touch before 15th August on the email address


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By calling this the 'Roof Gardening Open Evening', may I ask does that mean the 'garden' is being brought back?  

Hi Maria

This is a one-off opening of the space on top of Great Arthur House. As people have said in other posts, there is no garden to look at, but there are some amazing views across London which is why I thought it would be good to open the 'garden space'. 

As far as I know there are no plans to bring the garden back on the roof of Great Arthur. I suppose the Estate Office would know if I am wrong on this. 

Hi Lee

I have been up to the top of Great Arthur House a few times, and the views are amazing, as you say.  But, I don't know why its called a 'garden', when there is nothing there.  Its such a shame, and a waste of a large space.  Do you know why the garden was taken away in the first place?  

The roof garden is in relatively good condition. There is a pond, fed by the roof, room for two trees and a flower bed linked to a pergola. It was opened for a time as part if the Jubilee celebrations. There are videos of it and pictures on this site. It is well eorth a visit.

Paul, I visited the Great Arthur House roof during the Jubilee celebrations.  I agree the area is in good condition, but there is no 'garden' there.  There is no greenery at all, and that is a great pity, as the area has so much potential for one.  The views are certainly great, and it is well worth a visit for that, but woulds it not be far more interesting to actually have a 'garden' there too?  
As I have said, we have a 'roof garden' on the top floor of Crescent House, complete with a tiny pond, a bench, table, chairs, loads of plants, and a 'wishing well', created in an empty space.  It may not have the great views but residents and the guest flat users certainly like it.  Just think how lovely it would be for something like that on Great Arthur House roof.  After all, there was one some years ago.  

Big thanks to everyone responsible for opening up the roof terrace of Great Arthur this evening.  Fabulous views and a treat to see the space itself. 

I wish it was open to all residents who have no private outside space of their own to enjoy some quiet contemplation in our busy bit of the world!

Many thanks again.

You too Christine.  Let's hope your suggestions can be realised!

Christine Clifford said:

Yes, every time I have been up there ( twice ) I am knocked out by both the architecture and the views. It would be fantastic to get the top properly restored and opened up on a regular basis - of course taking into consideration GAH residents and security.
We have enough civil engineers, architects, and may legal folk living on the estate to form a roof restoration group. Nothing will happen if we ask the corporation to do it. As long as their planning team etc are satisfied we can do it ourselves. Big project.

Nice to meet you face to face Jean :-)

Thank you for this interesting link.  I enjoyed reading it.  I have heard a few reasons why the Great Arthur House 'roof garden' has not been re opened.  One was to do with the height of the rails, in that they now did not meet safety standards.  
I was on the roof at this event, and am very nervous of heights, but have to say that at no time did I feel unsafe over the height of the rails.  
I have also heard that the 'garden' closed because water from the roof pond was leaking into flats below.  Whatever the real reason was it seems such a shame that a great area is no longer used in the way it was.  We live in a city, after all, where there is not a lot of open spaces.  It seems a lot of potential is going to waste.  However, it is a matter for the residents of Great Arthur House to decide overall, and am sure they have enough to consider, with the forthcoming works to the block!  


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