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I'm delighted to say Merry has been found alive and well if a bit skinny and scared. She is now home and very happy. A huge Thankyou to Sadiq of Stanley Cohen House and his family for their assistance and kindness


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Am so sorry to hear this Christine.  What a worry for you.  I do hope you find the little one safe and sound.  Its a mystery.  X

Thankyou Maria, yes it is so worrying not knowing. She is a housecat who went onto our balcony and just disappeared. We have searched high and low. 

Our cat is on the balcony of a flat underneath us. They cannot open their balcony door without great inconvenience, we can access via their neighbours balcony. She is hiding under the very stiff, heavy covers over balcony furniture. We tried to get her last night but it was impossible as too dark and limited space to move. Further difficulties are the access route for us is limited by the residents there being out at work/school during daylight hours and or night workers. 

Oh Christine.  Poor baby.  Thank goodness you have found her.  I so hope you can reach her very soon and bring her to safety.  Let us know when she is back home with you. XXX

She is now at home and very happy. Her brother seems to have forgotten he and is throwing hissy fits but Merry is an Alpha Queen so isn't bothered. He will come around in a day or three xx

I am delighted your fur baby is back home with you.  Wonderful news Christine.  XX


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