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Is anyone on the estate receiving Freeview through an internal aerial? Once again the roof aerial signal has been  lost and would love to bypass it if possible!

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Yes gone again!  Getting fed up with this. 

Estate office inform me an engineer is on their way.

I wasn't home today so I don't know if we lost ours. Was there a power surge again? When I spoke to the TV guy last time, he was surprised by how many times we receive power surges here and said the CoL need to look into it. Maybe it can be bought up at the next residents meeting as it is just getting ridiculous now. 

If it goes again, providing you have internet access you can watch the main channels live online or through the apps on a smart TV.

Hi Richard

No, there was not another power surge, so no idea why we lost the signal.  It was only rectified at 3pm, after being out for hours.  I agree its not good enough.  The residents meeting was on Tuesday, so there won't be another one for a while.  


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