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Are Golden Lane residents alert to the probable re-development of the block bounded by Golden Lane, Brackley Street, Viscount Street and Fann Street?

The City of London Police plan to sell Bernard Morgan House,  the police section house, within five years, and the Welsh Church, which is struggling with a declining congregation has received (but declined) what is likely to have been an opening offer for their freehold.

These buildings are not listed but were built at the same time as Golden Lane and complement the estate in a very balanced way.  Any re-revelopment could be a disaster.

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Bernard Morgan House is now being marketed with a guide price of £17.5 million and a suggestion that the site could offer 80,000 square feet of space if re-developed - 80% more than the current building mass and much higher.  High-end residential or commercial usage is suggested.

Oh dear.

Thank you Christine, although I notice your comments of a year-and-a-half ago have disappeared from this thread... spooky! But you're alright with me, whichever way you manifest yourself. And what greater friend could a City garden have than three big ducks?

I wonder how high they can go, if they knock down BM House and the Welsh Presbyterian and build new blocks in their place? Are we allowed to retain our sightlines to the Barbican, like the Queen and St Paul's?

Answers on a hod-carrier's brick through my window at seven in the morning, please.

Perhaps our elected representatives need to be challenged more forcibly about the loss of key worker accommodation and the need for much more housing for genuinely affordable rent in the City.

Christine Clifford said:

.....there is no hope of truly affordable housing......

I expect a 14 storey block of private flats would be even more profitable than a 14 storey office block.

John Whitehead said:

I doubt if the developers sniffing around the Welsh Church are planning affordable housing.   How about a 14 storey office block? This would also deliver the best price for the City of London Police site.


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