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Hi folks, I'm just about to move into Great Arthur House :)

I'm aware of the impending major works and have seen a copy of the March 2010 newsletter

My question though is does anyone know how the Corporation will bill long leaseholders - to  bill people for the entire amount (which could be upto £40k) with a "please pay within 14 days" sort of thing seems unrealistic - people (I certainly don't) have that kind of cash lying around.

Anybody got any hints from the Corporation? Or have other blocks had major works with large bills and how have these been handled.

Thanks all

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I would expect that there is a regular cycle of appraising the quality of the housing and depending on the condition a report is prepared explaining what needs to be done and requesting a budget to cover the cost. If there is a feeling that the normal cycle is not frequent enough, because standards are slipping, or the wear and tear has been unduly heavy, I would suggest raising the issue via GLERA with the Estate Management, essentially saying don't these issues need attention and is the problem that you have not registered this, or you have and there is no money/resource to do anything about it. That should get a sensible dialogue going.

Christine Clifford said:

Thanks David
My question was just a general enquiry about how the process works. Is it just down to individuals to raise it with the residents association etc? Who commissions condition reports? I only moved here three years ago and am simply responding to posters on this and Crescent House.

David Graves (your Alderman) said:

The GAH cladding has been the subject of condition reports going back many years, so the understanding that "something must be done" has been there for a long time, and a recent poster has complained over the length of time it will take to finish the project. Have any condition reports been commissioned for Cuthbert Harrowing House? If so, what do they say, and if not, is this because the overall condition is not so poor as to call for a complete re-skinning of the exterior. The GAH cladding issue has been around for a long time, and even the current project has been inching forwards for about 3 years, so not sure why there is now a query about this, compared to other blocks. If they have needs which some feel have been neglected, surely these should be flagged up so a view can be taken about priorities?.  

there was a three year extension given for the windows to meet decent homes standards .why are they not done? 

David Graves (your Alderman) said:

It is my experience from dealing with City Departments in one capacity or another for the last 10 years that the Local Authority projects (nearly) always end up taking longer than anticipated - sometimes much longer. This may partly reflect a difference between Local Authority resources/mentality and private organisations, in which time taken is more of the company's money being spent versus someone else's money being spent (ie taxpayers/long lessees). There are many dimensions to this - if we abolished consultation, no doubt that would speed things up, if mere speed was the overriding priority. I do understand the frustration, and I share it myself to some extent reflecting on the fact that when the project got seriously under way about 3 years ago, the deadline for completion was 2013. I would very happily agree to be shown an example of a cold and wet GAH flat - I do not think that this is the case for every flat in the building. That is not a reason for taking time over the problem flats, but I do think that the overall level of "indecency" is not 100% cold, wet and miserable accommodation - and I am happy as stated to be shown the worst examples to put this in perspective. The professional external (ie private sector) team is now working on this, and has been on the case now for several months, and the recent exhibition in the new R Perrin location shows that the project has been moving forward. I think there is a disadvantage to rushing this now, as we all hope that none of us will need to be around to work on the project for the replacement of the replacement cladding - I hope at least 50 years away, so we should take time to get this right. 

hello stefi the info is at the bottom of this page


"early next year"  HA HA HA ! dream on ,and oh yes the Residents demanded that the kitchen and bathroom  windows must remain single glazed to create a Thermal Vortex as a reduction in Energy bills will not be tolerated. What do you think?

For all the many years that this project has been under discussion, it must be at least 15 years and heading towards 20 years, I think now that things are really gathering momentum, and the project will really move forward come next year. I suspect that the "pay back" period on double glazing for kitchen and bathroom windows is much greater than for the cladding for the living room windows. Aside from the argument around the existing cladding being now time-expired, the thermal benefits for what is in scope currently should be substantial in terms of the perception of comfort, but it would take many decades (if not centuries) for the reduced energy cost to "pay for" the replacement cost of the cladding. All that illustrates is that the reduced energy cost is not the primary driver for the cladding works, it is together with the comfort factor a minor consolation for those paying through their service charges for the works. When the works are finished, the value of the GAH flats will benefit primarily from the fact that the cost of the works no longer hang over the building, and everyone will benefit from the increased comfort and visual amenity of the new cladding. 

You sound like spin doctor David, can you confirm that your comment  "the project will really move forward come next year"   is the same as   "the windows will start to be replaced next year" ?

Somehow I think the comparison to a spin doctor was not meant as a compliment, but if the question is whether Great Arthur House windows will start to be replaced next year, as part of the cladding works, then the answer is yes. Maybe "dreams" can come true, although I would agree, not before time given the 15 - 20 year history to this that I referred to.

So if you know when the works will start please share the infomation with us residents please  ,the COL have not in any way updated residents with any information about the windows Thank you this is not a personal dig at you but we are totaly in the dark regarding the whole situation

Two people responding on behalf of the COL with no information but "utter gossip "does not answer any questions  asked Thank you

Saying that the two people who replied to you were 'responding on behalf of the COL' is obviously not correct.  It is clear that bdon and Christine were simply trying to help, and were acting for themselves, on the information they had. It had nothing to do with 'gossip'. If you want to have any questions answered then maybe it might be advisable to approach the COL directly.  As you know, there is a City of London Housing Services Estate Meeting next week, which will also give you the opportunity to raise your concerns.  

The Question was for the Alderman from the COL keep you Noses out and dont try to start arguments with me .just because you heard "this "or "that" from" him "or "her", I want to know the date and year the windows will be replaced from the man "in the know" thank you let him answer

As above i asked the Aldeman from the COL a question and you take it upon yourself to try and turn it into some sort of argument with residents  why?


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