There are four Golden Lane Estate related facebook accounts and you can follow them here: goldenlaneEC1 

Golden Lane Estate / RCS site 

Save Bernard Morgan House

City of London

The Golden Lane Estate now have a facebook page.

We are gradually building up to full use. 

Feel free to log in and like our page.

Once we are at full use, you will be able to keep up to date on estate events.

Please note that this is an information page and we will not be entering into dialogue on this page.

Also,  please do not use it for personal material.

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Does anyone know how to find the link to this page?  And, who is 'we'?  Is it just controlled by the Estate Office?  

All I know about facebook pages is you log on and have a good 'natter'!  Well, I do on mine.  

Thanks for the link Rick.  I never would have found it, me being a computer 'idiot'!

Rick said:

I guess so Christine.  So, they don't want to have actual discussions on a discussion page like this, but I also thought that's what FB was also about.  Having discussions, or in my case a 'natter'. X

Christine Clifford said:

Yes, it's just a push page as in pushing out info. You can set FB to just info pages as you can this site which is a Ning site.
It does seem a weird way to use social media sites, probably better off just having a page off the Corporation website if City staff don't want to have dialogue with customers ( tenants &. Leaseholders) online.

Anyway I guess that is where folk will have to visit to see estate announcements in future.

Anti-social media?


Christine Clifford said:

'Yes, it's just a push page as in pushing out info.'
You are entitled to comment on the page and request improvements to content and management as we have.

May I please again ask who is the 'we' that has this facebook page?  Is it purely controlled by the Estate Office?  And, if it is a facebook page why can we not have a debate on it, like you do on normal facebook pages?  

You do not remember me?

Look at all my posts on this thread, that will tell you.

Could you tell me Laurence Jones, as I do not live on this Golden Lane Estate, is that the normal weekly update, now copied to your Facebook page?

Andrew, I have put the question to those who run this facebook page, so it is them who I hope will respond.  When I ask the admin on normal facebook sites any questions, they always reply.  

No comment.

is this the main Facebook group page for discussions?



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